Steam Engine Brushes

We manufacture a variety of brushes for cleaning boiler tubes in all sizes of steam engine from full sized steam engines to model steam engines and trains.

Our specially designed brushes come in all lengths and diameters to ensure you get optimal cleaning to remove dust and dirt from your steam engine to maintain it efficiently and easily. We have a brush diameter and length suitable for cleaning all sizes of steam engine flues and to clean the fire tube from the firebox to the smoke box, ensuring you can have maximum cleaning for minimum cost and effort.

Our brushes come in handy pack sizes and are available with swift, friendly and efficient service over the phone or via our website. For larger quantities we will manufacture to your exact specification as we design, produce and dispatch everything from our purpose built factory in the UK.

Bespoke Steam Engine Brushes

For larger quantities we will manufacture bespoke brushes to your specification – see our bespoke brush section for more information.


80mm ∅ × 5130mm × 14swg

Brush Diameter:
80 mm
Overall Length:
5130 mm
Brush Head Length:
120 mm
Handle Length:
5000 mm
Brush Colour:
Tip Length:
10 mm
Brush Material:
Wire Material:
Stainless Steel
Filament Grade:
Wire Diameter:
14 swg
5 for £44.35
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