Bottle Brushes

Bottle Brushes

Bottle cleaning is not exactly the easiest job for someone on hygiene or cleaning duty. The bottom of a bottle is definitely more difficult to reach than the bottom of a glass! The right cleaning equipment, therefore, is important to make sure everything in the kitchen sink or lab is good as new after cleaning.

A durable bottle brush cleaner keeps all bottles – from glass to plastic – squeaky clean.

Our bottle brushes are perfect for getting into tricky bottles such as wine bottles and beer bottles, making them much easier to clean. The bottle brushes are made in our own brush factory and designed for longevity and performance.

Bespoke Bottle Brushes

Our bottle cleaning brushes are highly durable with the bristles made of durable nylon or polypropylene. They withstand constant use and are a reliable tool for kitchen cleaning duties. Get in touch with us about bespoke brushes if you cannot find what you want on our current list of products.

For larger quantities we will manufacture bespoke brushes to your specification – see our bespoke brush section for more information.

60mm ∅ × 2130mm × 14swg

Brush Diameter:
60 mm
Overall Length:
2130 mm
Brush Head Length:
120 mm
Handle Length:
2000 mm
Brush Colour:
Tip Length:
10 mm
Brush Material:
Wire Material:
Stainless Steel
Filament Grade:
Wire Diameter:
14 swg
10 for £38.70
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The Necessity for Bottle Cleaning Brushes in the Kitchen

Every household eventually encounters the need for bottle cleaning. Sometimes to reuse wine and beer bottles for home brewing, storing water in the fridge, or even arts and crafts. Some households need to wash baby bottles for their infants.

A brush for bottle cleaning, therefore, is a necessary accessory in the kitchen. It removes all residues from the last batch of milk, wine or whatever substance was in the bottle beforehand.

The First Step to Sterilisation

A bottle brush cleaner is indispensable for sterilising bottles, from baby bottles to wine bottles. It is used in the first stage of sterilisation when cleaning the inside of a bottle with a mild detergent or soapy water to remove any stubborn stains or residue. After this step, the bottle can be steamed or placed in boiling water.

The Secret to Getting Rid of Previous Taste

Empty baby bottles will naturally smell like milk; empty wine bottles will smell sour. But even if you’re using the bottle for a similar liquid, you need to get rid of the previous smell and taste so that it doesn’t affect the next batch.

A durable brush for bottle cleaning eliminates all residues, clearing the bottle of any remnants of grease and the aroma. We manufacture bespoke bottle brush cleaners for you. Talk to us today.