Automotive Brushes

We manufacture and dispatch a complete range of automotive brushes designed for use with automobiles and cars. Our twisted-in-wire brushes are used for many purposes within the automotive industry from production and assembly lines to the final end customer car cleaning.

Our twisted automotive brushes come in a wide range of diameters, lengths, wire and filament strengths to ensure you can select the perfect brush for the task.

From very fine to coarse we have the right brush for your job, for use on very delicate surfaces to the removal of very heavy detritus. All our brushes are manufactured and dispatched from our purpose built factory in Kent, where we have the capability to produce bespoke brushes for any customer needing specifications outside our extensive standard stock brushes. Our bespoke brush section will give you more information if you do not find what you need in our online shop.

In automotive production, our brushes are currently used for cleaning the production lines to ensure no dust, grit or particles remain in critical areas of the machinery. Our brushes are fantastic for cleaning both petrol and diesel engines, and the low unit cost of our automotive brushes is ideal for single or multi use purposes.

Our coarser brushes are ideal for cleaning difficult areas, such as alloy wheels where dust and grime easily builds up.

Bespoke Automotive Brushes

For larger quantities we will manufacture bespoke brushes to your specification – see our bespoke brush section for more information.


80mm ∅ × 2130mm × 14swg

Brush Diameter:
80 mm
Overall Length:
2130 mm
Brush Head Length:
120 mm
Handle Length:
2000 mm
Brush Colour:
Tip Length:
10 mm
Brush Material:
Wire Material:
Stainless Steel
Filament Grade:
Wire Diameter:
14 swg
10 for £39.00
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