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Water filtration brushes


Brushes for Air and Water Filtration

Our Black Knight range of filter brushes is the market leader for domestic fish pond filtration, public aquariums, commercial hatcheries, research institutes and fish farms in the UK and abroad. Our water filter brushes are also used in sewage farms and water treatment facilities around the world and no other filter medium is as widely used or has been as extensively tested and proved. We can also manufacture horse hair brushes for air filtration systems so please call us with your requirements. 01622 747299

Our Black Knight filter brushes:

  • are extremely easy and simple to use with minimum effort
  • last for years so do not need costly replacements
  • are lightweight
  • don’t clog up as lots of other pond filter materials do
  • are non-toxic
  • are very simple, quick and easy to clean
  • never wear out
  • are the best method for removing suspended waste particles
  • cost less than any other filter method that does an equivalent job
  • are tried and tested all over the world
  • provide a massive surface area for beneficial biological colonisation
  • do not require expensive support frames
  • are designed, manufactured and shipped from our purpose built factory in the UK

Please click on the logo below to go directly to the Black Knight extensive selection of filter brushes, spawning brushes  and other products for your perfect pond or give our friendly team a call on 01622 747299.

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Black Knight is the world’s leading brand for pond filtration brushes. Please click to view the dedicated website.

Brushes for air and water filtration systems. Black Knight website has all you need to set up the perfect pond, including your spawning and filter brushes, wizard fibre and vortex brushes. Advice and guidance can be found on the websiteabove or by phoning 01622 747299 Call us now for all your filter brush requirements. Specialists in air and water filtration systems the world over.
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